Guardians of the Future

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This video showcases three transformative initiatives of Indigenous Peoples leading successful initiatives creating a new model of conservation. These stories show how Indigenous-led conservation benefits not only local communities, but all of us.

Working for Our Country: A review of the economic and social benefits of Indigenous land and sea management

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This report explores the wide-ranging economic and social benefits derived from Indigenous land and sea management initiatives, specifically through ranger groups and Indigenous Protected Areas across Australia.

Social Return on Investment – Consolidated report on Indigenous Protected Areas

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This report examines five Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) in Australia and their ranger programs, highlighting their success in various outcomes, including addressing the challenges faced by Indigenous communities in a colonial country.

Planning for coexistence? Recognizing Indigenous rights through land-use planning in Canada and Australia

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This book explores how the land-use planning process serves as a negotiation mechanism for Indigenous peoples to assert their rights over territory and political authority. It examines planning contact zones in Victoria, Australia, and British Columbia, Canada, and compares the experiences of four Indigenous communities challenging land-use planning.

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