Capacity Building

Indigenous Sentinels Network

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This links to the Indigenous Sentinels Network - which aims "to provide remote, Indigenous communities with tools, training, networking and convening, coordination, and capacity for ecological, environmental, and climate monitoring."

Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Parks Allies

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This links to the Tribal Parks Alliance page of the Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Parks website. Tribal Parks Allies are are a community of entrepreneurs and organizers united by their love and respect for this place and the culture that keeps it alive.

Indigenous Leadership Initiative Website

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This links to the Indigenous Leadership Initiative's (ILI) website - an Indigenous-led organization dedicated to facilitating the strengthening of Indigenous nationhood.

Biocultural Community Protocols

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This toolkit provides guidance for Indigenous communities on documenting, developing, and using a biocultural community protocol. This is to ensure that external actors respect their customary laws, values, and decision-making processes, particularly those concerning stewardship of their territories and areas.

Inspiring the Next Generation: Evaluating TNC’s Indigenous Youth Stewardship Program

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This briefer showcases results from a collaboration between The Nature Conservancy of Canada and First Nations partners: the SEAS program, which stands for Supporting Emerging Aboriginal Stewards.

Let Us Teach You: Exploring Empowerment for Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas in B.C.

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This report provides a summary of a workshop that brought together the Province of British Columbia, the federal government and several First Nations to hold a conversation about how to create a supportive regulatory landscape so that Indigenous communities are empowered to successfully establish and govern IPCAs.

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