This article from the Narwhal covers the story of Ḵwiḵwa̱sut’inux̱w Ha̱xwa’mis First Nation’s declaration of the Hada and Kakweikan Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area (IPCA). The IPCA is located in what is recently referred to as Bond Sound and Thompson Sound, British Columbia, spanning from mountaintops to the seafloor, in an effort to protect natural resources, cultural keystone species, and sacred cultural sites. This declaration reflects a broader movement among First Nations in British Columbia to assert sovereignty and stewardship over their territories, while urging government commitments to support conservation efforts and rebuild salmon populations.

‘From mountaintop to seafloor’: First Nation declares new 40,000-hectare protected area on B.C. coast

Author: Sarah Cox for the Narwhal

Year: 2023

Media Type: News Article