Indigenous Women’s Leadership Series: The Stewards of Conservation

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This dialogue features stories from emerging IPCA from across what is now known as Canada featuring Elders, community members and leaders from Kitskiinan Kawekanawaynichikatek IPCA (York Factory First Nation/Cree Territory/Northern Manitoba), Arqvillit IPCA (Inuit/Nunavik Territory/Northern Quebec), Bistcho Lake IPCA (Dene Tha’ First Nation/Northern Alberta), and Aki Sibi IPCA (Kebaowek First Nation/Algonquin Territory/Southern Quebec).

Indigenous Guardians and IPCAs

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Co-hosted by Nature United’s Indigenous Guardians Technical Support Team (TST) and the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership (CRP), this webinar was an exciting discussion with several speakers who work at the leading edge—operating Indigenous Guardian programs on the ground as they establish Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs).

Guardians of the Future

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This video showcases three transformative initiatives of Indigenous Peoples leading successful initiatives creating a new model of conservation. These stories show how Indigenous-led conservation benefits not only local communities, but all of us.

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