Haida Gwaii

Indigenous Laws in the Context of Conservation

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This report examines how IPCAs can offer pathways to bring together Indigenous and Crown legal systems. It looks at SGaan Kinghlas-Bowie Seamount Marine Protected Area in Haida Gwaii and Thaidene Nëné in Łutsël K’é Dene First Nation territory as two contemporary examples of how this can occur.

Ecological restoration for protected areas: principles, guidelines and best practices

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This publication from the IUCN provides guidance for terrestrial, marine, and freshwater protected area managers on the restoration of natural and associated values of protected areas.

Gwaii Haanas Gina ’Waadluxan KilGuhlGa Land-Sea-People Management Plan

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This is the management plan for Gwaii Haanas, which is managed by Archipelago Management Board (AMB). It allows for the entire area to be managed as one ecosystem, because everything is interconnected.

Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlotte Islands Framework Agreement Backgrounder

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This 2-page backgrounder outlines the Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlotte Islands Framework Agreement, which explains how the Council of the Haida Nation and the government of British Columbia will work together to establish a land-use planning process.

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