Haida harvester and youth program co-ordinator Aadiitsii Jaad (Marni York) surrounded by trees.

This news article introduces The National Observer’s new podcast “Protecting Haida Gwaii“. In the article and the podcast, Marni York, a traditional food and medicine harvester, highlights the deep connection the Haida people have with their territory and their ongoing efforts to protect resources like salmon, forests, and mining sites. It also delves into the challenges posed by modern colonialism, including overfishing, ship pollution, and resource extraction, while inviting listeners to explore the beauty of Haida Gwaii’s coastal rainforests and cliffs and appreciate the Haida’s resilience in safeguarding their cultural and environmental heritage.


Photo by John Woodside/Canada’s National Observer

A First Nation that can never let its guard down

Author: Zahra Khozema, National Observer

Year: 2023

Media Type: News Article, Audio