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Share Resources (Reciprocity)

The IPCA Knowledge Basket embodies the spirit of “we rise together”, a concept shared by the Indigenous Circle of Experts. When we share information to support Indigenous-led conservation, we all benefit. Please contribute resources that contribute towards the goal of supporting Indigenous-led conservation. This includes sharing content you have created, and links to websites, videos, reports, articles, or other resources.

Acts of Reciprocity

One of the commitments for engaging with the IPCA Knowledge Basket is reciprocity.

Help inspire others by sharing how you have been expressing gratitude for the gifts you have received by visiting the Basket. How are you giving back and putting your learning into action? All submissions are anonymous and are displayed below.

I really enjoyed exploring this site! As a way to give back, I’ve uploaded a resource I find really useful but didn’t find in the resource page. I hope it helps someone else too!

I am so grateful for what has been shared with me today. I am giving back by spreading the word about this wonderful site and talking to my young kids about the importance of IPCAs.

I am grateful to have learned so much from many members of the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership and the resources collected and shared by the IPCA Knowledge Basket. One way in which I practice reciprocity is to intentionally take time out of my day to sit with nature to appreciate and reflect on what I have learned from Indigenous perspectives and ways of knowing. It helps me feel grounded and reminds me of my responsibilities as a human, and living being, as part of our shared environment and planet.

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You are encouraged to share a ‘welcome message’ in your language for the IPCA Knowledge Basket home page. The audio messages can be recorded on your phone or laptop in a quiet room and sent to us in mp3 format.