The tri-colour logo with the Kitaskeenan Kaweekanawaynichikatek title.

This is the website for Kitaskeenan Kaweekanawaynichikatek, which translates to “The Land We Want to Protect” in English. This project brings together five Cree Nations: York Factory First Nation (YFFN), initiated the project in August 2020, and is collaborating with Fox Lake Cree Nation (FLCN), Tataskweyak Cree Nation (TCN), War Lake First Nation (WLFN), and Shamattawa First Nation (SFN). Together, they have established an IPCA to protect their homelands.

Kitaskeenan Kaweekanawaynichikatek Website

Author: Kitaskeenan Kaweekanawaynichikatek

Year: 2022

Media Type: Website