This news article publicizes that the Hamlet of Sanikiluaq, the Sanikiluaq Hunters and Trappers Association and the Arctic Eider Society received $5.5 million from the federal government through the Canadian Nature Challenge Fund for the creation of Qikiqtait. Qikiqtait is the proposed name for the future conservation area of about three million hectares in and around the Belcher Islands. The region is an important migratory flyway and where many important Arctic species, such as walrus, seals, whales and polar bears, are found in the leads, polynyas, and shorelines. Qikiqtait is an Inuit-led and managed initiative that aims to establish an Inuit stewardship program and protect both the water and the land around the Belcher islands by working with the Qikiqtani Inuit Association and through a whole-of-government approach.

Sanikiluaq conservation efforts get big boost from $5.5M grant