Haida Nation

This press release announces the signing Nang K̲’uula • Nang K̲’úulaas Recognition Agreement – an agreement between the Haida Nation, the province of British Columbia, and the government of Canada. This agreement marks a significant step towards reconciliation. It acknowledges the Haida Nation as the holder of Haida Title and Rights, granting them inherent rights of governance and self-determination. It also establishes the Council of the Haida Nation as the governing body, authorized by the Haida Nation Constitution. This recognition is a commitment to building peaceful coexistence between governments and supporting the Haida Nation’s path towards self-government.

The Haida Nation, British Columbia and Canada sign the Nang K’uula • Nang K̲’úulaas Recognition Agreement

Author: Haida Nation

Year: 2023

Media Type: Press Release