For thousands of years, the buffalo or plains bison (Bison bison) sustained the many native tribes that inhabited the Great Plains region of North America. However, after the arrival of Europeans the bison and indigenous way of life were nearly exterminated. In recent years, the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes of Montana’s Fort Peck Reservation have joined with other tribal groups throughout the Northern Great Plains to bring bison back to their ancestral lands and into their lives.

World Wildlife Fund worked with award-winning filmmakers from Day’s Edge Productions and animator Ruth Lichtman to create a unique animated film that is both engaging and suitable for audiences of all ages. One of the primary audiences for the film will be young Native Americans who may not be aware of the history of the bison’s demise and how their community leaders are working diligently for its return.

The Path Back

Author: Buffalo Treaty: A treaty of cooperation, renewal and restoration

Year: 2021

Media Type: Video