Environment and Natural Resources – Legislation Initiatives Partnership Process

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This page on the Government of the Northwest Territories website lists ongoing legislative initiatives on the topic of conservation and discusses the Partnership Process involved in these legislative initiatives (which include the Protected Areas Act, the Environmental Rights Act, and the Forest Act).

Thematic Reports and Special Studies 1950-1975

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A compilation of nine special studies reports written by the Qikiqtani Truth Commission, and documents the effects of government decisions on the lives of Baffin Region Inuit between 1950 to 1975. These reports can give a deeper understanding of the effects of these decisions.

QTC Final Report: Achieving Saimaqatigiingniq

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The report outlines the decisions, actions, and consequences that led to social and economic changes in the Baffin Region from 1950 to 1975. This report was the outcome of the 130 interviews conducted by the Qikiqtani Truth Commission in addition to an amassed a collection of historical documentation about the relationships among Nunavut Inuit and the governments.

Thaidene Nene: Celebrating a New Model for Conservation

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This short video features one of Canada's largest IPCAs, covering 26,376 sq kilometres. It's progressive new partnership between Parks Canada and the Government of the Northwest Territories helps in paving the way for new IPCAs across Canada.

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