This webinar pays tribute and celebrates the pivotal role played by Grandmothers in guiding Indigenous-led conservation initiatives on the lands and waters recently known as Canada. In their roles as Elders and keepers of knowledge, Grandmothers play a vital role in cultivating, restoring, and protecting the gifts of Mother Earth. This session brought together voices from several Indigenous communities to explore the shared importance of fulfilling and nurturing our collective responsibilities and relationships with land, water, and our non-human relatives. The wealth of knowledge from our grandmothers is a reminder that we are the land and the land is us. Guest speakers included: Elder Linda Boudreau-Semaganis (Métis Nation, Alberta), Elder Marilyn Capreol (Shawanaga First Nation), Sophia Rabliauskas (Poplar River First Nation), and Marilyn Slett (Heiltsuk First Nation). This webinar is brought to you by the IISAAK OLAM Foundation, the Indigenous Leadership Initiative, and the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership as part of the Indigenous Women’s Leadership Series.