This webinar recognizes and celebrates the efforts of Indigenous women at the forefront of Indigenous-led conservation endeavors across what is recently known as Canada. The event featured insights from Indigenous women actively engaged in land-based and community roles, serving as leaders, practitioners, educators, and project coordinators within the Guardians Program. Through their advocacy for conservation, sustainable development, Indigenous languages, and traditional knowledge, these remarkable women contribute to the well-being of the environment and communities, fostering healthy lands and waters. The session was moderated by Gillian Staveley (Kaska Dena) and featured guest speakers Celeste Smith (Oneida Nation), Tara Marsden/Naxginkw (Gitanyow Nation), and Sharon Morin (Métis Nation, Alberta). The session was gracefully opened and closed by Elder Linda Boudreau-Semaganis. This webinar was organized by the IISAAK OLAM Foundation, the Indigenous Leadership Initiative, and the Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership as a part of the larger Indigenous Women’s Leadership Series.