Living Treaties shares the stories of people and communities who have lived under Treaties, which are often considered in the historical sense, and delves into their nuanced experiences living under a modern colonial regime. The book aims to reveal another side of the treaties and their histories, focusing on stories from contemporary perspectives, both Mi’kmaw and their non-Mi’kmaw allies, who have worked with, experienced and indeed lived with the treaties at various times over the last fifty years. These authors have had experiences contesting the Crown’s version of the treaty story, or have been rebuilding the Mi’kmaq and their nation with the strength of their work from their understandings of Mi’kmaw history. They share how they came to know about treaties, about the key family members and events that shaped their thinking and their activism and life’s work. Within the context of Indigenous conservation, this book provides important insights into the legal landscape of treaties and the lived realities that they inform.

Living Treaties: Narrating Mi’kmaw Treaty Relations

Author: Marie Battiste

Year: 2016

Media Type: Book