A map on the progress on a Community-driven protected area for the Belcher Islands Archipelago

This 11-minute video was presented at ArcticNet 2020 and is an introduction to Qikiqtait, an Inuit-led protected area for the Belcher Islands Archipelago. Through this initiative, the community of Sanikiluaq is taking a whole-of-community approach and working with the Qikiqtani Inuit Association to support the unique habitats and wildlife that rely on the islands, support a local conservation economy and will be inclusive of terrestrial and marine habitats managed through Inuit-led research and stewardship programs, governance models, and management plan for the region. With the use of the SIKU app, community members have been crowdsourcing a resource inventory and baseline data (e.g. fish, mammals, birds, etc.) for the protected area. Qikiqtait is Inuit led and managed.