Tribal Parks and Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas: Lessons learned from BC examples

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This report highlights lessons learned from the three IPCAs in British Columbia: K’ih tsaa?dze Tribal Park, Dasiqox Tribal Park and the Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Parks.

A toolkit to support conservation by indigenous peoples and local communities: building capacity and sharing knowledge for indigenous peoples’ and community conserved territories and areas (ICCAs)

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This toolkit provides valuable information on ICCAs can be supported through building capacity and sharing knowledge. Key sections explore Documenting Presence (pg. 14), Management Planning (pg. 30), Monitoring and Evaluation (pg. 44), Communication (pg. 52), and Finance and Values (pg. 60).

One With Nature: A Renewed Approach to Land and Freshwater Conservation in Canada

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This is a report by the Federal, Provincial, and Territorial governments and their applicable agencies in response to the Indigenous Circle of Experts (ICE) and National Advisory Panel (NAP) reports and recommendations. It outlined 4 key priorities.

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