Guiding Principles for Cross-cultural Collaboration

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These guiding principles provide the foundation for a new way of working with Indigenous partners rooted in reconciliation, healing, and collaboration to protect, restore and conserve species and natural environments.


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This links to the CICADA (Centre for Indigenous Conservation and Development Alternatives) website. CICADA is a research center focused on exploring the possibilities of Indigenous communities' collective 'life projects' to create new ways of protecting the environment and envisioning development.

Global Indigenous Agenda for the Governance of Indigenous Lands, Territories, Waters, Coastal Seas and Natural Resources

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This Global Indigenous Agenda a presents the priority outcomes and actions that Indigenous Peoples’ Organisations (IPOs) of the IUCN have identified for the recognition of Indigenous Peoples as leaders, innovators, and key contributors to nature conservation.

Working Models for Fisheries Collaborative Management

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This report was prepared to assist the First Nation Marine Society to plan how it might get involved in collaborative fisheries and ocean management. This report researches and describes a variety of organizations involved in collaborative fisheries or ocean management.

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