Colonial conservation

The shady past of Parks Canada: Forced out, Indigenous people are forging a comeback

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This article discusses the dark history of national parks in Canada and the effects they had on Indigenous Peoples, and then shifts to Indigenous conservation efforts being taken today.

The intemperate rainforest: nature, culture, and power on Canada’s west coast

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This book explores how Canada's West Coast forests have been viewed and controlled by different groups such as foresters, environmentalists, and Indigenous Peoples. It analyzes the political and ideological struggles surrounding the landscapes and focuses on the Clayoquot Sound protests of 1993.

American environmentalism’s racist roots have shaped global thinking about conservation

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This article examines how American environmentalism has racist roots against Black and Indigenous people. It discusses how these ideas have spread globally, resulting in "protecting the pristine environment" rather than focusing on supporting the local communities that have been the most effective stewards.

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