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Balancing the Narrative: Communications Guidelines for Indigenous-led Conservation

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These guidelines offer anti-oppressive practices, considerations, and approaches for communicating with and about Indigenous conservation leadership within the Canadian context. This document acts as a framework through which to co-develop communications strategies, approaches, and content with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis partners in respectful, reciprocal, and responsible ways.

Building Public Understanding of Indigenous-led Conservation: Insights from Communications Strategies in Five National Parks

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This report outlines lessons learned in building public support for Indigenous-led conservation efforts. It highlights communications tools that the conservation sector might use in changing public attitudes about Indigenous-led conservation. This includes conflict resolution approaches, particularly around issues such as Indigenous harvesting activities in and around state-led conservation areas.

A Review of Crown Legislation for Protected and Conserved Areas in Canada: A Guide for Indigenous Leadership

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This guide provides an overview of Canadian federal, provincial, and territorial legislation for the creation of protected areas and parks. It is intended to inform Indigenous governments interested in advancing Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs) through the Canadian legal system.

Indigenous-led Conservation Reading List

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The Indigenous-led Conservation Reading List is an open-access bibliography that lists academic literature relevant to the Indigenous-led conservation movement. This includes literature relevant to Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs, Canada), Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs, global), Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas (ICCAs, global), or various forms of Indigenous-led co-governance mechanisms that elevate Indigenous rights, responsibilities, and legal traditions.

IPCA Governance Models: A Snapshot of Existing Conservation Governance Arrangements

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This resource is intended for Indigenous Nations and governments who are interested or currently engaged in the creation of an Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area (IPCA) or other Indigenous-led conservation initiatives. It provides a snapshot of how IPCAs are being governed across what is now known as Canada.

IPCA Creation Guide

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Indigenous Nations and communities lead the creation of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas or “IPCAs,” This is what makes IPCAs so unique. IPCAs vary from territory to territory and nation to nation. Yet, they share features like ecological conservation and elevating Indigenous rights and responsibilities. 

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