International Union for Conservation of Nature

Global Indigenous Agenda for the Governance of Indigenous Lands, Territories, Waters, Coastal Seas and Natural Resources

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This Global Indigenous Agenda a presents the priority outcomes and actions that Indigenous Peoples’ Organisations (IPOs) of the IUCN have identified for the recognition of Indigenous Peoples as leaders, innovators, and key contributors to nature conservation.

Ecological restoration for protected areas: principles, guidelines and best practices

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This publication from the IUCN provides guidance for terrestrial, marine, and freshwater protected area managers on the restoration of natural and associated values of protected areas.

Guidelines for conserving connectivity through ecological networks and corridors

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This report, from the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, examines how protected areas, ecological corridors, and other conservation mechanisms contribute to maintaining ecological connectivity across large landscapes and seascapes.

ICCAs and Overlapping Protected Areas

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This Policy Brief explores the issues of territories and areas conserved by Indigenous Peoples and local communities (ICCAs), discusses key approaches for appropriately recognizing, respecting and supporting overlapped ICCAs, and offers recommendations.

Indigenous and Local Communities and Protected Areas: Towards Equity and Enhanced Conservation

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This IUCN best practice guide provides ideas on how to enhance the equity in the relationship between staff and management of protected areas and the Indigenous/local community of that area.

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