Indigenous Laws

Asubpeeschoseewagong Anishinabek Aaki Declaration

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This is a declaration for an Indigenous Sovereignty and Protected Area for Asubpeeschoseewagong Anishinabek Aaki by Grassy Narrows First Nation (Ontario).

Tahltan Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas Project

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This links to the official website of the Tahltan Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas Project (British Columbia). It includes a project overview, background, and connected projects.

Indigenous and Natural Law: Foundations of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas

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This recording of a webinar focuses on foundational concepts in Indigenous and Natural law and how they can be applied to the Mi'kmaq Moose Management Initiative in Mi’kmaki/Nova Scotia.

Respect and Responsibility: Integrating Indigenous Rights and Private Conservation in Canada

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This report provides guidance for private land conservation organizations seeking to adapt their practices and build respectful and appropriate relationships with Indigenous governments.

The Right Relationship: Reimagining the Implementation of Historical Treaties

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This book contains chapters from Indigenous and non-Indigenous scholars who discuss the challenges of treaty relationships today. It also examines how Indigenous legal and policy frameworks can be incorporated to build healthier relationships and a better path forward.

UNDRIP Implementation Braiding International, Domestic and Indigenous Laws

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This is a collection of essays which gives recommendations on how Canada can braid together a new legal framework through the implementation of UNDRIP, revive a stalled process of reconciliation, and embrace a true nation-to-nation relationship with Indigenous Peoples.

Living Treaties: Narrating Mi’kmaw Treaty Relations

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This book shares stories from people and communities who have lived under treaties in Canada from the perspectives of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous allies. It makes a strong case for the importance of understanding treaties in today's context.

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